Zoe is without question Ben’s friend forever of collection, which will be constantly supportive and beneficial to Ben. Some thing be much more complicated immediately following Spy Ski School in case it is hinted in the (after which confirmed throughout the after the book by Mike, whom facts it out on the category because of the comically handling this new “love rectangular”) one to Zoe thinks about Ben as more than simply a pal. The second really does reciprocate these attitude, however, there are numerous obstacles in the way of exactly what its relationships might possibly be, particularly, Erica Hale and her connection with Ben popular couples seeking men hookup sites.

Once Spy School Wave, it is noticeable that the relationships provides fallen apart and it also has stopped being possible that any style from a partnership will develop among them once more. Yet not, relationship remains the possibility, however, Spy School Wave concludes with a lot of stress ranging from Zoe and you can Ben. Although Ben says they may be able remain nearest and dearest, the guy knows that the relationship e again.

Spy University

Within the Spy University, Zoe was according to the perception that Ben had purposefully attracted an enthusiastic assassin towards his place when you are lying-in wait a little for an enthusiastic ambush together with golf racket, though in reality, Ben is woefully unprepared and only simple fortunate. But Zoe never read the situation of what got transpired, and as a result advised men and women the woman style of people occurrences, which enhanced Ben’s popularity somewhat. As a result of the experience, Zoe provided Ben the moniker “Smokescreen,” convinced that his minutes off real ineptitude were in fact ruses to reduce their enemies’ protect.

Worst Spy School

Within the Evil Spy School, Zoe points out exactly how someone at school knows that she admires Ben and you can didn’t trust Ben when he told her he registered SPYDER. She says to him she knows he’d never ever turn evil. Upon Ben asking the girl to make your and Hales in on CIA, she initially refuses, enabling your understand she wouldn’t send brand new CIA immediately following him.

Spy Ski School

From inside the Spy Ski College, it is hinted one to Zoe may have an excellent smash into the Ben, immediately after Zoe claims you to definitely, “You don’t invite people to Disney Globe unless you’re very with the them.” Ben disagrees, stating he would bring Zoe so you can Disney Community, while the he’s not on this lady. She gets cool to your him and ends cheerful immediately after the guy says that, even pretending one to she cannot understand him.

Spy University Secret-service

Within the Spy University Secret service, Mike confirms one Zoe enjoys a beneficial crush toward Ben. This creates stress between the Zoe and you will Ben, since neither would like to treat it.

Spy University Goes South

In the Spy College Happens Southern area, it is revealed that Ben also offers an effective crush on Zoe. That is hinted from the a few times on guide, somewhat with Ben and work out offhanded comments exactly how very she is, how well she odors, plus specific envy occurring on occasion when he notices the woman looking at Murray. It’s only if the lifetime have been in the balance one Ben in the long run acknowledges his break on Zoe. At the same time, they are unwilling to start a romance with her, throughout the anxiety you to this you will definitely manage pressure into the spy group. That is obvious since Ben encountered the opportunity to hug this lady several times, in the conclusion, chosen to not. Ben don’t need to threaten their relationship with Erica. Just after among “almost hug issues,” Zoe told you she wouldn’t only delay having your and make up his notice regarding this lady otherwise Erica. After the ebook, they actually do hold hands, however, Erica watched him or her so that they quickly split.

Spy College British Invasion

Within the Spy College Uk Intrusion, Ben will get jealous from Zoe, exactly who he discovered had an effective smash to your him in Spy College or university Secret-service. Zoe tells Ben one to she would not “wait around getting your” permanently in Spy College Happens Southern area, and you can Ben takes into account this as he believes that Mike and you can Zoe is actually heavily teasing. Murray Slope even stages in saying to help you Ben, “Works out the friend Mike’s relocating into Zoe, and she is offering him the newest the obvious.” Ben responses which have, “I’m very happy in their mind.” After, He admits he lied.

Zoe and Ben enter into a battle from the Mike and you will Erica one ended with Zoe clarifying that she wasn’t teasing which have Mike and they was basically simply being household members. After, they make up-and Ben rests his head on Zoe’s shoulder towards the ride house.

Spy College Trend

For the Spy College Wave, Zoe attempts to stop Ben and you will Erica. She uses Ben to access Erica also to score the right position because Nora Taco’s junior broker. Zoe states she envision she try doing the best question while in the the ebook and feels bad on not assuming Ben. He and you can Zoe become household members once again, however, because Ben thinks at the end of the book, his friendship that have Zoe will never be a comparable again.

Spy School At Sea

Zoe isn’t really activated for Procedure Deadly Manatee, definition she is not in the publication greatly. not, she video calls Ben ahead of the guy therefore the other people visit defuse a-bomb into the Emperor of your Seas and provide your certain plans. She’s particular he’s going to achieve his goal and also the video clips name closes with her stating “Go save the nation. Once again.”